How do I create an invoice?

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Invoice is a document sent to your client that indicates the products and/or services sold by you with the payment information that the client has to make.

Create an invoice

Creating an invoice in is easy: 

If you're on your Dashboard

  1. Click on the "+" button
  2. Then select Invoice. This will take you to the New Invoice screen.


  1. You can click on the Invoices section
  2. Then click the Add an invoice button in the top right of the list. You'll be taken to the invoice creation screen.

Fill an invoice

The form is divided in two sections. In the first on the top, the Detail section, is for all informations related to the client and dates:

  • Number - This can be changed to include only numbers if necessary.
  • Client - This is pre-populated by your client list. You can manage your client here.
  • Date issued - Chances are this won't need to be changed, but if you need to change the issue date, you can do so here.
  • Due date - Include the date your Invoice should be paid by.

The Lines section is what you're Invoicing for:

  • Label - This is a short description of the service or product.
  • Description - This is a long description of the service or product.
  • Unit (excl. tax) - This is the price for item billed
  • Qt. - The quantity of billed items
  • Tax rate - This is the applicable VAT for the items. It can be different on each lines.

You can add a lines thanks to the add another line button. You can remove a line by clicking on the remove line buttons

Once the Invoice looks the way you want it, you can click on the Create button at the bottom left of the screen.

Once saved, you'll be taken back to the Invoice detail.

Send an invoice

You can read more about sending an invoice in this article.

Update an invoice

You can read more about updating an invoice in this article.

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