Bookkeeping Made Cheaper 

We've created the First Pay-As-You-Go Bookkeeping Software to save you a lot of cash! Because we've been there and know what is it to start its own business.


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Our goal is to help our community of freelancers, tech-savvy, solopreneurs, start-ups owners, small-businesses and digital nomads like YOU, to grow. We are fully aware of the importance of paying a service on demand especially when we start a new business.

How does it actually work?

The Pay-As-You-Go system means that users are billed one amount every month based on how much they've consumed.

How much does it cost?

The Pay-As-You-Go plan on charges 0,90€ each time a document (invoice, estimate and expense) is created.

Focus on what you do the best is really simple, so you’ll spend less time on paperwork and spend more time doing what you love.


Bookkeeping Made Easy


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iphones.png helps thousands of freelancers with their books

Don’t let another month of painful invoicing and disorganization slow you down. Our solution has been built to be fast, easy and life changing. On top of that, has been designed not for everyone but for a self-employed professional.

If you’re still using Word and Excel, pen and paper, or accounting software made on big businesses needs, getting things done quickly is probably harder than it needs to be, and you could be saving time if you used

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